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"As a home funeral guide and hospice expressive arts/music therapist I witness the healing powers of art for those in transition. How fabulous it is to send a person off in a personalized casket!"

- Janice M.P.

Casket Designs

Painted with love by DGB artists. Our caskets are well crafted by a guy who loves wood. We get our big boxes from a family casket business in Wisconsin. We use a very simple, flat-topped design because it can be sat on, customized, and decorated easily.


Sat on?!? Are we nuts?


Of course, but only in the best ways.


It’s a dead gorgeous box, which can be used as a window seat in the meantime. And we like that. More use, brings in the joy, and is advance-planning-friendly. You won’t be having a casket-casket in your house or having to pay for storage. 

We have four artistic designs in stock for you, available for immediate shipping. Custom work? Talk to us - this is what we’re good at, bringing your vision into reality. Schedule your free 45 minute Creative Talk here.

Our Art Canvas caskets are part of our new line, and not on sale. With this design we offer matching prints (customizable) so that you can share the connections and stories of your loved one with friends and family.

Dead Gorgeous Box designs and creates custom artistic urns and caskets in Chicago. We primarily sell to funeral directors.


Please contact us (form below) to find out how we can work with you.

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