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Fine Art Prints for Sale

Your prints are available for purchase here. 

Please check shipping times, some products will arrive quicker than others.

Let us know if you wold like your portrait printed on something else: mugs, t-shirts, leggings, tumblers, shoes, duffel bag, throw rug, pillows.


There's a whole range of digital printing magic out there.

Life Portrait Prints
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Art is the inclusion of something intangible. The color, imagery, emotion, it takes you somewhere, it allows an individual to express themselves, and another individual to connect by their valuing of that expression.

- Gina I.

Share Your Stories

Share your love and connection; purchase Fine Art Prints so that you can lift the hearts of friends and family by sharing this moment of memory with others who knew and cherished your person. 


  • For someone you love, or for yourself. Is your story going to carry on, or is your impact going to be glossed over, your light dimmed and forgotten? What mark do you want to leave on the world?


  • Your brightness will be carried on, your story will be told with color and love. We might not even know you, but we see your spark, something in you shines. Your urn can be more than just a sign of your absence. We would be honored to help you celebrate your mark on the world. 


  • Do you wish you could get past the trite images and include some of the quirks, joys and passions of a uniquely lived life to properly connect with family and loved ones?


  • Claim your non-standard person with respect and pride and art and color that truly represents the broad spectrum of their life.


  • Are you overwhelmed with so much to do, but you really want to share more of your person's real light & soul with friends and family?


  • We're trained artists, and here to help. Let us create art for you that reflects your person's light and soul, that you will be proud to share with friends and family.

Art provides companionship in times of isolation and it provides self-affirmation in times of self-doubt. As a pastoral intern and volunteer chaplain, having worked with the dying and the bereaved, I realize the essential niche that your work can fulfill.

- Mary S.

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