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​​Elbows up, wrists up, flap hands, lower, repeat..

I was busy being a total dingbat mama and my youngest was humoring me: letting me run thru my explanation of the different wavelengths of light and radiation.

This involved me coercing her into long slow rolling of our hands and elbows in swimmy motions across the dining room table for gamma rays and frantic flapping and squeaky-voice for microwaves and radio.

Mostly it's not explanation.

Mostly it’s 1/2 remembered stuff that I get fairly excited about but don’t remember the actual specifics of so, therefore, she has to look thru her textbook and notes to see if I’m right or if her mama has totally lost the garden path again.

Don’t tell her, but that’s kind of the point.

She’s got a big test coming up and I figure if she can anchor some of the basic ideas in motion or relate it to something goofy, and find the answers for herself… she’s got it.

The test?

Sure, but even more than that… learning. Every little bit counts.

You get passionate about something, it matters, you figure out which key points matter, and you anchor those points in your brain somehow.

Like painting a mural in your bathroom that reminds you of a bunch of good moments at your family’s favorite beach.

Or even more meaningful, painting your Dad’s urn to reflect who he really was and what he cared about.

Keeping our information and stories in our heads doesn’t have to be standard, prissy and boring.

Studying for tests can involve silly voices, and celebrating the people we love can reflect their flamboyance and passions.

What's your wavelength?

Give me a call and we can wave our arms and hands around, and talk about what matters to you and yours,

May the (mass x acceleration) be with you.

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