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Twerkin’ It

To the right to the right, to the right… I’m kneeling backwards on a chair and twerking my ass to the right in front of a small group of people.

Who’d a-thunk it?

I’m pretending to be in a gym, mis-using a chest press in the worst way possible.

I do know these people a little bit, I’ve been in this Wednesday night class with them for a couple of months now.

Reverence, seriousness, deference and responsibility all take a hike for two hours once a week… it’s improv, baby.

I wasn’t too keen on taking this class, but it was a case of ‘bend a little’ and do something together outside of our regular routine. Jenny wanted to take the class, and it’s local, at Anne’s Haven, and all-women, and… oh what the hell.

I’d have never had it pegged as a class in courage.

But, of course, what else would it take?

To shrug off all the voices that say evil, soul-trapping things like:

“Grow up”

“Be serious”

“Stop wasting time/energy on _______ ”

(something someone else perceives as frivolous)

Improv is all about embracing the silly, making a gleeful beeline for the ridiculous, and not only rocking the boat, but having a full-blown pillow-fight while up to your knees in water and laughing your head off.

It’s about living.

It’s about having the courage to stand up to the worried, hand-wringing editor inside your head who is nervously saying “that’s not acceptable behavior” and say “Bugger off, you, this is MY life.”

And then, once you’ve stood up to that stupid voice, are you ever going to trust it again?

Ugh, no.

Not if you can help it. And you can.

Because now you’ve got the power. You hold the reins –– and you’re not so easily led around by the nose of societal manipulation and conformity.

Give us a call if you’d like to flip the bird to conformity one last time.

Make your casket beautiful, not somber. A centerpiece for a celebration of a life well lived. A flamboyant toss in the face of sanctimonious obedience.

Because for some of us a good dose of irreverence is the most respectful tipping of the hat.

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