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The Ultimate “Selfie”

Traveling in Spain at the Alhambra I noticed a gaggle of girls each snapping instantly into their “one-leg-in-front-of-the- other-pouty-ducklipped-optimal-selfie” pose while they rotated through with military precision so that each one could get their perfect selfie.

I am not convinced that they even took a moment to actually look at the monument and consider its historical significance.

“What is the point?” I chuckled to myself ... and then really thought about it – what IS the point?!

Mainly to prove you were there. You existed in this time and this place.

I do admit, I have succumbed to the lure of the selfie, and though my pose certainly doesn’t have that “Kardashian polish” the intent is the same. That’s me. I am here. I was there.

We take snapshots of our food, faces, those fleeting moments that make up our lives in the hopes to somehow etch our existence in time. We find the beauty in the mundane meal we’ve made for ourselves, we share the serenity of our sleeping pets, we document our families and our role in them – “get grandma over here, we need everyone in this picture!”

Why, if we spend a good bit of energy focusing on remembering what it was that made our existence uniquely ours, do we seem to drop the ball at the very end of our lives?

DGB can help to show just how gorgeous you are (no duckface and no filters required) and capture those moments that made you more than just a pixel in the photo of this universe.

Your urn is your chance at your ultimate selfie, that chance to capture the essence of your existence, show that: You. Were. Here.

Contact Dead Gorgeous Box and let us help you design your ultimate urn.

- Nan

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