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Sharing Art to Share Love

Last year I was focusing on doing work for nonprofit groups.

The first group I worked with was Cara, here in Chicago. They provide real, actual, ongoing help for people who want to get out of being homeless and poverty. Training, coaching, advice, and support thru every stage of getting a job, an apartment, a life with dignity.

This is the piece I made for Cara, to be sold at the fundraising auction.

I had used several different photos and, sort of accidentally, ended up including the founder of Cara, Tom Owens. (Circled here in red).

On the big night his family were laughing, delighted as they recognized him in the painting because apparently Mr. Owens was never destined to be a drummer. No sense of rhythm. So yeah, there he is, clapping out of time.

We know the big stories, accomplishments, titles, and achievements of the people we love. But it is often the small quirky details that grab our affection.

My Mum collected paperclips like they would be extinct tomorrow. So every time I see a paperclip now, I think of her.

Seeing Mr. Owens clapping out of time captured a personal essence for his family.

Our stories keep us together, even once our people have gone.

Thomas Owens passed away recently: on Sunday morning, September 29th. Chicago lost a hero, but his legacy continues.

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