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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Douglas fir, bubbler lights, construction paper daisy chains, home-made dough ornaments, and tinsel -with an angel on top.

I LOVE Christmas – mainly because it takes a stark and dark time of year here in the Midwest and puts a bit of sparkle, color, and light on it and helps to remind you of the beauty that is still there even though nature’s palette has become somewhat monochromatic.

Driving around in the evening, on our way to this party or that dinner I would regard the trees of the other houses peeking out of the front windows as if to try to check out the competition - and to show off how lovingly festooned they were. The Scotch pine with the plaid ribbon and white lights decorated with feathered birds and hand-crocheted snowflakes, the white sparkly aluminum one with the blue blinking lights and blown-glass baubles that even played music and slowly turned, the Frasier fir with the discotheque flashing lights, garland, and real gingerbread men. Everyone essentially took the same tree framework and made them as unique as each of the snowflakes falling outside. I loved this aspect! What if the tradition had been to just simply take a plain bush and put it in your window; each fragment of the indoor forest as nondescript as the other? How dull those days might have been!

These decorated trees reflected who WE were, what our family was like, what we valued, what brought us joy, our memories, and what WE considered to be beautiful.

We take our yearly tree and make sure its decoration reflects us and who we are, so why should our rest- of-eternity’s urn stay unadorned?

Dead Gorgeous Boxes can take your urn from “frumpy Frasier” to fabulous! From “simply Scotch” to scintillating, “dull Douglas” to dazzling, from “foiled Aluminum” to awe inspiring!

Make sure your urn, casket or memorial art is a reminder of the beauty and color that is YOU in the monochrome of death.

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