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It's a Terrible Thing

No big deal to some people.

And it’s not like I mind that my socks don’t match.

It’s that the FEEL of the socks doesn’t match, and that’s different. Not sure I can put up with it all day. Probably. They’re nice socks. It’s just that one has quite a bit more squish-bounce in the sole than the other one.

I like mixing up my socks, actually.

These are some nice new ones, Christmas gifts. Nice merino wool mix, I thought they’d work well together since they’re from the same package.


I’ve cross-sorted all my socks to make them interesting fun for my toes and give my feet something to gossip about. It puts a smile on my face and doesn’t bother anyone else.

Goodness. I’ll be fine. It’s just a day, and I’ll make sure these pairs sort back to matching after future laundry loads.

But if it’s something that really DOES matter, then it’s worth listening to your inner grumbly bits. Even if it is just a day.

Your funeral, your loved one’s funeral.

That shouldn’t have a dissonance.

That’s a time when we want to come together and remember all the fun and kooky things that make our people who they are. Their hearts, passions, odd quirks and strengths.

Just one day.

But it WOULD be a terrible thing to not do our best to honor them for who they really were. Kooky socks and all.

We’d be honored to help you bring art into your goodbye to show, respect and celebrate the individuality of your person.

Please give us a call to schedule a free creative talk; select the time that works best for you.

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