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Hello Sanity - haven't seen you in a while

Does your cellphone make you insane?


I'm at Anne's Haven again today... and I've been debating with myself. Do I stay or do I go? I have a boatload of work on my plate right now and is this the dumbest thing ever to be volunteering at this place once a week?

Even though it's only 4 hours.

There's no Wi-fi here, and using my cell as a "hotspot" seems to be working in a more "lukewarm-spot" kind of way. It took me five freaking minutes to log on to Mailchimp just now.

Yes, I am rolling my eyes.

It's like having almost no internet... a modern day disaster, right?

On the other hand... I come away kind of peaceful and centered. I am forced to resort to pen and paper for my thinking and planning. In fact, I think I'm forced to do more thinking and planning, too, since I can't always act immediately on any little impulse I have.

This might be keeping me sane. Ish.

Possibly this one day a week is a time I can pull my head out of the frenzy of regular life and take a good look at what I really want to be doing.

Which, I suspect, is a big part of why Janet started this place up. She's said it was so women could have a place to come and just do... nothing. If you want to. Hang out. Chill, read a book.

This place feels like a north woods cabin. The kind of place we save up to go visit in a mad desperate rush once or twice a year for a vacation. Get mozzie-bit, sit in awful traffic coming and going, complain about lack of bars on our phone for the first day, then... relax and come back into ourselves.

Feel grounded. Rediscover our calm selves.

Which is a good thing to do, right?

When you find your center, find what calms you, motivates you, tickles you pink or stirs recognition in your soul... you've found how to celebrate your life. By living it. By doing it.

So I'm off to do some more cool stuff with art, meaning and love. 'Cos that's what rocks my boat.

Wishing you all the best for your day, and that you can find 4 hours to "lose" your phone each week.


(773) 769-7278

PS: Give me a call to brainstorm visual art from said epiphanies, once you "find" your phone again.

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