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Green Arrow of Happiness

I’m crowing maniacally as I swing left around the corner.

Happiness is bubbling up in my heart, woohoo! I’m really getting away with something here - clean and sweet, baby.

The centrifugal effect tips me to the right, I tilt my head left to compensate, and I do my best to keep the smug look off my face in case I make eye contact with other drivers ‘cos, hey, that would be rude.

Does this happen often? Oh yes.

For some reason I get a real kick out getting a green arrow.

Everywhere else on the road I know some nitwit will pull out in front of me to get ahead. Or open their car door without looking.

Or pass on the right, speed up, then have to stop abruptly because there’s a red light in front of us. Did they not see it turning yellow?

It seems that once I get behind the wheel the world conspires to get in my way, or honk at me for getting in theirs. Honestly, aren’t we all just trying to get from A to B?

But the lane leading up to a green arrow?

That’s different.

That’s all mine.

I’m clearly exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I want to do. Even if it turns red before I get there I’ll still have a good clear path to exactly where I want to be heading. No one in my way. No one all knickers-in-a-knot for me being in their way.

Feel free to take up the joy of the green arrow with your own driving experiences, or funeral pre-planning.

Getting your own way, going the way you want to, cutting a path thru the rabble and confusion… it’s a thrill.

Give me a call to throw around some ideas, what would your best send off look like? Your stories, passions, joys and proud moments. It’s not all a boring traffic jam, some of it can be fun.

Caskets, urns, coffins: paintable surfaces. Memorial artwork, your way, thought out, because you’re doing it before rush hour.

And if you make the most out of the fun part, the rest can fall into place much easier.

Which makes the end of the road a lot less like being in a taxi with an irate driver downtown Chicago on a Saturday night, and more like an easy left off Montrose to head north on Cicero.


Wishing you great happiness on & off the road this year,

- Paula.

The top panel is also painted with grapevines, in wood tones. With decorative metal bands on the corners. Very medieval looking!

The "Grapevines" casket I finished end of October last year. This style does not hide well as a window seat and you cannot sit on it. Makes an elegant casket, though, which is the point.

The holographic gold foil reflects a bunch of crazy spacey colors at different angles.

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