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Glitter Tomboy

My whole young life I’d been following after my older brothers. Always the tomboy, I wanted to do it all – dig worms, use power tools, wear jeans and flannel shirts (still do because, let’s face it, flannel is F-ing comfy)! Mom quickly gave up on trying to get me into dresses and my dad indulged all of my “boyish” impulses – I was never “Princess”. My dad called me “Cockroach” because, as he said, I was “always getting into things”. I like to think that it also means that when the $hit hits the fan I’m going to be a survivor!

This doesn’t mean I don’t have my “frilly frou-frou” side. I LOVE doing my nails (myself of course), gimme ALL the colors and ALL the glitters, baby! There’s even a facebook group devoted to our brand and honestly it’s THE best thing on the internet! Everyone is SUPER supportive, helpful, funny, and it’s truly the golden side of what you can find on the interwebs. Everyone is being themselves and everyone else is cheering them along! Someone does a mash-up of 3 different sets of nails and adds their own gems and everyone gushes at how awesomely beautiful it is (even if it isn’t necessarily their particular style)!

Who says you can’t you be a glittery tomboy AND a flannel Princess? I say anyone who does can take a flying leap! You don’t ever have to conform or kowtow to what’s expected – at ANY point in your life. Bedazzle that table saw – you do YOU! And to go out with a final bang of sparkle and flannel, please give us a call. We would be delighted and honored to zap up an urn or casket with a myriad of texture, joy and stories that reflects the beautiful light of your life. - Nan

What Would You Put Together?

Grit, glam, gnarly... all gorgeous. The point is to show you & the things you love.

Look Closer...

Even better, look in person. Photos never do justice to faux finishes, especially anything with glitter and beads. Bands of swirly flash.

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