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Dreaded Homework: Friday Night

Do you remember being 14 and your teacher gave you a homework assignment on Friday afternoon that was due Monday morning?

Way to ruin the weekend, right?

You’d spend Saturday easily ignoring it because, hey, it’s Saturday, and there’s sand to kick or bikes to ride and you’ve still got Sunday to do the work.

Then along comes Sunday and dammit, you just want to sleep in some more, but it’s in the back of your mind along with visions of Mrs Cook’s stern and disappointed glare if you do a shoddy job. Ugh.

So it ends up around 6pm on Sunday before you start the assignment (grudgingly)... and... it wasn’t that bad. There you’ve spent the whole weekend avoiding and resenting and dreading this darn homework and it turns out it was no big deal.

Or even (shhh… don’t tell Mrs Cook) kinda fun.

What a bloody waste of time and grumbling! If only you’d done it first thing Saturday you would have had the whole weekend free to just be a weekend.

Instead, this looming cloud of dread and avoidance had you not fully engaged in the fun of being.

Same idea with end-of-life planning. It’s like this homework assignment hanging over your head that you don’t want to do. But if you do address it, you free up your mind and get to woohoo... live your life!

If you’d like to start dealing with some funeral-homework, give me a call for a free creative session.

We can throw around ideas about what matters most to you, how to express the stories of your joys, loves, and passions - the things that represent you and that you are proud of.

If I can help you, I’ll let you know how. If not, I’ll steer you to someone who can.

Either way, you’ll leave the call a little lighter because you DID IT.

Talk soon.

- Paula

PS: It could even be fun

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