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Come to Your Senses

I’d been working at my carving bench for about an hour or so and I just couldn’t do anything right.

I was really annoyed with myself as I’d meant to finish this piece last week and it was still in need of “just a bit more” “just a bit more”.

I finally gave up in frustration after one mis-aligned file stroke took off an area I wanted to keep. Gahhh! What’s the matter with me?

And then I came back “into my body”.

Really? I didn’t realize I’d been out of it.

But wow - I was HURTING!

No wonder I couldn’t concentrate and go with the flow of the piece… I was in so much pain I could barely walk.

I can’t remember now what it was that had me hurting so much, or much beyond very slowly and creakily getting upstairs to rest. It’s that moment of coming back into my body, THEN realizing I’d been out of it, that is most vivid to me.

Wow - how could I not feel that?

But we do.

Little hurts and stiffness that our bodies and minds shield us from.

Little pieces adding up until we’re quite out of touch with how we feel.

And much and all as our subconscious processes are trying to protect us, it doesn’t really help. We become out of touch with who we are, where we are, what matters.

Coming back into our bodies is really important.

Coming back to our senses.

Feel the soles of your feet - just sense them. Pay attention to them.

Feel the palms of your hands - not physically doing anything, just shifting your awareness. And feel your everything in between, bit by bit.

Don’t let the day-to-day expectations distance you from who you are in the world. We all have to pay attention if we’re planning to LIVE our lives.

And when it comes to the other end of things... also good to pay attention.

Who was this person you loved so much? Who were they, beyond expectations (yours, family, even their own)? How did they LIVE their life?

We would be honored to help you show some of the different shapes and ways of being that made your person a unique piece of art.

What would you put on a blank canvas, to tell their story?

Give us a call to talk about your ideas and how we can make them real.

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