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Brain Flush

Ah... flush what?

We have a 'Leaf', an electric car, so we don’t often have to worry about maintenance, but when we do it tends to be a (drats) “go to the dealer” type thing.

Apparently having a huge battery running underneath the length of the car requires that someone who knows what they’re doing does the repairs. No fried mechanics. Very smart.

It wasn’t a big deal, whew, and they said we should also get a brake fluid flush while the Leaf was in there.

The funny thing was that my wife, Jenny, kept hearing that as a “Brain Flush”.

“So you’ll have the Brain Flush done by then, as well?”

“How much does the Brain Flush cost?"

What a great idea, everyone should start the year with one!

So here’s wishing you a good Brain Flush, and happy turning over of new leaves for 2021.

Our fresh new idea for the year is Art Canvas Urns, which you can see here: We’re combining Fine Art canvas prints with custom memorial artwork to bring the stories, colors, and connections we value to our people when they need it most.

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