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A Certain Look in the Eye

Once "a cuppa" was mentioned around Mum there was no deviating. A steady stream of tea was required for the day at home, and going out for a cup of coffee was a treat you didn't mention if there was any uncertainty as to it's fulfillment. Mum would get a certain focus of attention about her, a sharp glint in her eye, and the countdown was on. Don't let her down. Mum was also passionate about gardening (organic), musical theatre (making it happen), modern art, cartoons, bright colours and living and sharing a bright life. That's why there was a cartoon seagull popping up at the foot of Mum's coffin surrounded by music notes and blasts of color with space for people to share their thoughts.

Which someone did... saying "A cup, a cup...", like the Java Jive by Manhattan Transfer. Yeah - we know you.

Who we are, in our small quirks and big passions, is important to us yes, and also important to those we love. It is in recognizing each other's individuality and not only accepting it but celebrating who they are that we best show respect. Last week we had a great talk about respect, tonight we'll be talking about claiming individuality. For ourselves, for those we love. Why does it matter? Come join us tonight for 1/2 an hour or so. We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions! ️ - Paula

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