Maybe you DON'T want an urn or a casket, but you DO want to do something special to honor someone who brought color and life into your world.

Art helps bring the heart of your story to your goodbye. Color and texture both delight and calm our senses while weaving together our hopes, dreams, and passions in a way that we can share with others to show our complex beauty. SEE... THIS is who we love... remember the paperclips? The endless piles of sheet music and the bright red of Mom's acrylic cardigan that she wore all the time?

A marker of your loved one's death is not enough. Art speaks to you, and you want it to speak of a life well-lived; the ties and joys and passions of a soul that REALLY LIVED, not just a start and end date.

Traditional portraits are nice, but you want something that reflects the myriad of ways your person impacted our world, a heartfelt way to show their legacy.

Your person wasn't average, they had a light, and you want to share it, to continue to be inspired by their joys, connections, and achievements.

Your family value independent thought, creativity, and doing things their own d**n way. They will really appreciate having quality prints that respect and honor your person's colorful life.

Actually, this is for you... you want to go out in your own darn style, consistent with your life.

You have something like an allergic reaction to normal (toes curl, hackle raise) so you are delighted when you can be heard and your ideas properly expressed outside of cookie-cutter norms. Because if you can do something amazing, why settle for "good enough"?

Original Artwork

Canvas Original Artwork 36" x 18" to embrace their memory in art. Artist's acrylics, some texture.

Discount on Additional Prints

Discounts on future Fine Art print purchases so that you can lift the hearts of friends and family by sharing this moment of memory with others who knew and cherished your person. 

(Discounts valid for 90 days.)

Free Shipping

Free shipping within the US, so you can get free shipping.

Custom text

Complimentary text on prints so you can add a personal saying, poem, or prayer.


Choose a regular canvas or metal panel(s) up to 5' x 3 ½' for lots of room to make a statement. Go all out with paints and materials. Fully exercise your imagination and ours.




Original +


All Out


Original Art

36" x 18" Original Artwork by local Chicago-based artist Paula Clayton, or one of our other DGB associated artists whose work you like, to honor the heart of your story and celebrate your connections and memories.

  • We meet with you on Zoom or a creative session on the phone to find out what you would like to have as a great way to remember your important person, and if we're a fit to make that happen for you.

  • We'll do a rough draft of your idea and send it to you for your approval.

  • Once you've approved the draft we go ahead with the real thing, contact you when it is done, safely package up the artwork, and ship it out to you.

We will also make prints available to you, with a 5% discount for 3 months, so that you can share your art with friends and family.

Investment:  $1900

Original + Prints + Custom Text

All that: the Original Artwork, plus two archival giclee fine art prints and the option to add customized text. So that you can share your artwork and memories with others who cherished your person.

  • Canvas Original Artwork 36" x 18" to embrace their memory in art.

  • Complimentary text on prints so you can add a personal saying, poem, or prayer.

  • free shipping within the US, so you can get free shipping.

  • 10% off additional print purchases for 90 days so that you can give friends and family a good deal when they want to buy more prints.

Investment:  $2360

Go All-Out

If you could go crazy about this (in a good way), what would that look like?

We are quite capable of helping with crazy-in-a-good-way. We're artists, we spend a lot of time there.

  • Choose a regular canvas  or metal panel(s) up to      5' x 3 ½' for lots of room  to make a statement.

  • Complimentary text on prints so you can add personal saying, poems, or prayers.

  • free shipping within the US, so you can get free shipping.

  • 15% off additional print purchases for 90 days so that you can give friends and family a good deal when they want to buy more prints.

Wild texture, metallics, stuff glued on, areas cut out (Involve a blow-torch? Rolled in gravel? Covered in beads and glitter?) panels collaged together, epoxy. 3D elements, include a small motor hooked up to a 9V battery? Brainstorm with us as to what the coolest kind of crazy is that would work for your story.

Investment:  $5200

We Would Be Honored

We're in this because we value our people's stories. We want your story to carry on. There are people in our lives who are beacons, they shine and inspire the rest of us to do our best, live our best, live our real lives wholeheartedly with color and soul.

We love doing work that is meaningful, for people who care.

We would be honored to create a piece of art for you that helps you remember the joys and passions, quirks and achievements, of someone who has brought color into your life.

- Paula, and the other artists of DGB

"…  art helps the ambiance at home feel more serene and tranquil. When I’m at my busiest and feeling overwhelmed, I like to lay on the floor and stare up at Paula's paintings for a few minutes. "                                                          - Dana C.

"Art provides companionship in times of isolation and it provides self-affirmation in times of self-doubt. It is both a safe place and a place of challenges. It is in art that we find ultimate beauty not in conformity but in the possibilities that otherwise only nature can imagine."                                                                   - Mary S.

"There is nothing better than looking up from my computer screen, book, quilting project and seeing the lovely painting I bought from Paula.  It takes me into the woods and helps me to relax."                  - Linda H.

Knowing you did something special and meaningful

Having a touchstone of memory that truly reflects the story of a life well lived

Being listened to, and your ideas brought to life

Going beyond the standard options to find a way to properly honor the individuality of your loved one.

“Art makes your soul sing and adds something spectacular to the world. Paula does the most beautiful artwork, she can be trusted to create something special and unique to honor a wonderful life. Paula is a joy to work with, a kindhearted woman, you’re in good hands. “                              - Traci C.