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Info for Artists



Woohoo, so glad you're here!

We'd like to invite you to paint whatever brings you joy, lifts your spirit, or you'd just plain get a kick out of painting.

  • Or something you think would look really cool around an urn, that you'd wish for someone you loved,

  • or you'd just really like to paint but it doesn't fit in with any series you're working on right now.

One big caveat: please no copyright infringement or cultural appropriation. If it's not your story and nobody else has asked you to tell that story on their behalf... it's not your story.

Tell your own story!  :-)  And copyright is a legal thing - we don't mess with that. 

Other than that - go for it!

Here's the spec's and design challenges for doing this Art Canavs Urn thing:

Details below, but the main points here are:

  • You are composing for 3 different layouts:

    • Original canvas,

    • skinny long print, and

    • print-goes-around-urn. 

  • Metallics and shiny finishes may not translate well into print.

  • The template is to show you how the print will go around the box: your art is bigger.

Your canvas for your Original Art should be 45" x 24" total fabric, and a 3" border of that (all the way around) is for the nice framing people to have something to grab on to.

So of your (45" x 24") canvas, your art area is 39" x 18". If you want to go over that a bit that's fine ... like when you have the "bleed" area on a print.

Once you've done your piece & sent it back I'll take several pictures of it and merge them to make a high-resolution image file of your work. Metallics and shiny finishes may not show up as nicely and probably won't come out looking anywhere near as good in a print as they do in real life.


From this image file, we will crop out a section to send to the printer for the urn print.

That's what the template is for... it shows you the area I am going to crop. Not the tab bits... but the main long rectangle.

Your challenge here is to deal with 3 different compositions on the same piece:

  • the original art (39" x 18") on canvas

  • the prints that people can share with friends and family (the long rectangle)

  • and the fact that the print rectangle gets wrapped around a box... which changes things. Like: you can only see 2 sides at once. What do you want on the front of the urn? How are the colors going to match up when the seams join at the back? Are all the important parts of your composition in the "urn" area? Is anything that you want on the urn-print getting chopped off with the crop?



We're using 2 different sizes of image files at the moment. Until we run out of our bamboo urns and re-order them to the same size as the USA urns.


Image files:

Aspen/Cedar USA urns: 28" across, 8.5" high, 0.375" bleed

Bamboo urns: 67cm across, 23 cm high, 0.8cm bleed. yes, and metric, how nice.


The guides show the center of the front panel (center vertical of image), and the corners outward from there... left corner to left side, right corner to right side, with the back of the urn being where the two edges meet for the seam.

(My Photoshop files are not exactly-exactly measured. Actually, exactly-exactly measured really isn't one of my skillsets, so between that and the different urn sizes I wouldn't trust me with anything that requires perfect alignment. - Paula)


We're going for 300ppi, though we suspect printing may be OK down to 150 ppi.

A last thought is: can someone add some text?

We can photoshop in a poem or prayer or whatever before it goes to print. No limits on font or color or how many words...  and the writing could wrap around the urn or we can add a faded-out area. Up to you if you'd like to play with that idea.

The template has the corner marks for the Bamboo urn, which we think will be the more popular one... but we also have an Aspen urn which has, of course, slightly different proportions. Darn it. The tabs are just so you can tape it to your piece if you want and mark lines... chop them off if you don't want them or they are just confusing.

If your composition is forgiving of where the corners actually are... that's probably safer :-)

If you are in any doubt, please call. And most of all... enjoy painting! Your work is for meaningful connection and love, respect, and claiming our passions and our joy in people who live colorful lives.


We'll send you an Independent Contractor Ageement eDoc for your review and signing, so you has this in writing and officially signed etc, payment basics are:

A. A payment of $500 is due when sale of Original Artwork is


B. A payment of $20 is due when a sale of an Art Wrap Urn using the

Contractor’s image is completed.

C. A payment of 10% of wholesale print cost is due when a sale of an

art print of the Contractor’s image is completed.

D. A payment of $750 is due when the Contractor has completed and

delivered to the Company a custom Original for a client of the

Company, contingent on;

i). The Contractor has fulfilled the commission to the client’s

original specifications, as defined in 1. ENGAGEMENT; SERVICES

ii). The Original is in the possession of the Company.

We will pay for postage & packaging, send you primed canvas and a template, take photographs of your original and do the marketing and production to get your image on an urn (preferably many times), promote the value of your Original work, encourage clients to commission you for urn art or whatever other art you'd like us note that you do. 

You don't have to deal with framing, getting an exhibition together, paying for the marketing & promo, the opening or closing event food, all those expenses that add up in the course of us "getting exposure". I have another artist friend who says "Exposure? I've been doing this professionally for 35 years... if I wanted exposure I'd go outside and pull my pants down, wave my ass in the air!" (It was a very cold Winter at the time... more than one type of exposure).

We're excited as artists because this is an opportunity to do whatever you like ... (barring that copyright & cultural appropriation thing). To give people an option to go out in their own damn style, with color and attitude, not in some boring staid box of averageness, and to do something that will be truly meaningful to your customer when they need it most.

- Love, Paula

(773) 769-7278

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