Info for Artists

Here's a link to a Google Form. The idea is to layout who DGB is, who you are, what we're doing, what we'll pay for, when we pay you, the size of the art we've promised clients... all that kind of thing.

It's sort of long - but I kept thinking of things, and maybe you may have a few things to add. A work in progress. Eventually we'll do a proper contract thing... but this is just starting out and figuring out what we need to do.

I'd like to have happy working relationships where no-one gets insulted or says "you want me to WHAT?". Expectations. So please give it a read & fill out the info if you'd like to contribute a piece & see how it goes. I'll send you a template once I get your form.   :-) Paula

Funeral Directors

Dead Gorgeous Box designs and creates custom hand-painted  caskets and urns in Chicago. We primarily sell to funeral directors.


Please call for wholesale pricelist.

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