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Featured Artist: Jean Weir

I have painted forever and have taught art almost as long, from preschool to Alzheimer’s patients.  Also I have participated in many art shows and done a great quantity of custom art.
As for styles, I am very diversified but I prefer thought- provoking realism done in oil or acrylic.  I love exploring new ideas, techniques, and materials. Also, I love giving my viewer a visual vacation.

- Jean Weir, Artist.

Jean & DGB

Jean and I worked together for several years in Kalamazoo, MI.  While we were painting all kinds of murals I would have the extra bonus of Art History lessons on the fly. Jean was also (officially) teaching Art History at Kalamazoo Valley Community College at the time, as well as running her antiques & painted furniture shop on Westnedge Avenue.

Up until working with Jean my landscapes consisted of background and foreground... Jean encouraged middle-distance into my painting, and brought a wealth of flowers, trees, and wild places to our work.

I'm so glad that we have been able to reconnect again, and that Jean has done so many great canvases for DGB.

You can buy one of Jean's original canvases for the love of her work, as prints, or as an urn wrapped in a print. ​

All of these are customizable (yay for computers) with text, including the Heritage Type fonts for a wonderful classic look. We think this works really well for pet portraits (BTW, another of Jean's strengths).

Even better: Jean herself is available to create a truly memorable artwork to your specifications. Nature scenes, pets, portraits, 60's funk, trees, flowers or abstract... Jean is an excellent and versatile artist who can bring your vision to life.

- Paula

Jean's DGB Work

Currently located in East Lansing, Jean is available for commissions and personal, heartfelt art work.

Schedule a free call with us to have your stories brought together and memories reflected in a unique painting that will bring you joy for years to come.

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