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Caskets and One-of-a-kind's

Great designs, lovingly painted, and now we're off on a different track with more efficient production methods so we're offering our previous stock at half price.


We still LOVE the window-seat casket idea so that you can get good use out of your pre-planning and design for many happy years before final use. Why pay all that money for something you never even get to see?

Our keepsake urns are a little larger than our Art Canvas Urns, and, of course, they have the small inner shelf to keep momentos.

"That's the smartest thing I've seen in this whole show!"

- Convention Attendee

(yelled out in passing)


If you were at the Red Hat Society's International Convention in August 2019 you'd have seen us amidst the sparkles and bling, offering our "Live Life Well" temporary tattoos as well as casket and urn coloring pages.

That was our big kick-off. We had 4 designs of casket art to show, the Firebird casket and nine urns with us there for good show-and-tell (and photo op silliness). All painted directly onto the boxes.


We had great fun, met some new friends, did a little line dancing, and started a few good conversations around a subject that people mostly avoid: death.

As Gail Rubins says: "Talking about sex won't get you pregnant, and talking about funerals won't make you dead!"

"That's the smartest thing I've seen in this whole show!"

- Convention Attendee

(yelled out in passing)

Since then we've been figuring out ways to bring you the power of personalization at an even better price point, with faster turnaround times and more art to choose from. And yes we still want you to be able to completely customize, because that's what we really love doing: bringing your real story to your last goodbye with art and love.

You can see some of our original designs, and others that we were working on while we figured out how to do the Art Canvas caskets and urns, they're available for immediate delivery, and HALF PRICE, below.

If you'd like to take advantage of our stock-clearing, please click below.

You'll find traditional full-size domed-lidded caskets taking a tangent away from 'traditional', keepsake urns with an inner shelf so that you can keep mementos (a watch, some photos), as well as our innovative window-seat casket design. The stealth casket... order way ahead of need, and sneakily store it in plain sight while using it as a window seat and blanket storage for years. 

Give us a call if you would like to order a custom directly-painted casket or keepsake urn.

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