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You don't want to do the same as what everyone else does?

Neither do we.


Embrace them with art. You can give them a final gift of respect that honors their colorful life. Lift your heart and share their memory with all who knew and cherished them as well.

Find an urn that reflects your person's light and soul, and expresses the value of your story so that you have a piece to proudly to share with friends and family.

Click on the arrows to scroll through our image collection. 

These images are available for immediate ordering as urns or prints. You can also add the  personalization of text - any font, color, or orientation. Schedule a free Creative Call with us, we'd be happy to go over ideas with you.


What if you could have what you really wanted?

We would be honored to fully customize artwork, a Life Portrait, Urn or casket to truly reflect your connections and values.

Shop Art Canvas Urns

It had to be beautiful and ethereal. Paula and I were able to collaborate easily.  Not only were the results perfect and what I had in mind, they were actually even better than I could have imagined. 

- Catherine B.

1 print

Are you frustrated with urn choices that run from boring to staid, and even if you spend more money you don't get a whole lot of options to show how cool your person was?

Liberate your imagination and create a beautiful colorful unique piece of art that speaks beyond words to carry memories both on the urn and as prints for friends and family.


 You or your loved one have possibly been described as having "a bit of an attitude". We like you lots already.

A marker of your loved one's death is not enough. Art speaks to you, and you want it to speak of a life well-lived; the ties and joys and passions of a soul that REALLY LIVED, not just a start and stop date.

Traditional urns are OK, but you want something that reflects the myriad of ways your person impacted our world, a heartfelt way to show their legacy.

Your person wasn't average, they had a light, and you want to share it, to continue to be inspired by their joys, connections, and achievements.

Your family value independent thought, creativity, and doing things their own d**n way. They will really appreciate how you have created a meaningful urn to give them a final gift that honors a life well-lived, as well as quality prints that respect and honor your person's colorful being.

Actually, this is for you... you want to go out in your own darn style, consistent with your life.

You have something like an allergic reaction to normal (toes curl, hackle raise) so you are delighted when you can be heard and your ideas properly expressed outside of cookie-cutter norms. Because if you can do something amazingly right, why settle for "good enough"?

Knowing you achieved a special and meaningful goodbye.

Having a touchstone of memory that truly reflects the story of a life well-lived.

Being listened to, and your ideas brought to life to make a moment of memory.

Going beyond the standard options to find a way to properly honor the individuality of your loved one.

And being able to share all that with friends and family with fine art prints so that you keep the memory, stories and spark alive in your heart and the hearts of your people.

1 print


A natural wood urn wrapped in the Fine Art Print of your choice to embrace your loved one with art that honors their colorful life and speaks to the value of their connections and memory

You can order right now from our image collection.

Starting at  $520


Personalize your art prints and urn with your choice of fonts, text layouts and color: to share their story and values, poems and prayers, lay claim to the wonderfulness of your non-standard person.

Option to BYO family artwork* to strengthen the bonds of family stories and connections.

Schedule a Creative Call to go over options using our images or yours.

Starting at  $980

* high-resolution digital image needed, no copyright infringement.


Art Urn plus Original canvas by a local Artist to create a moment of memory for you that truly represents and reflects their vibrancy and passion, and prints to share.


This means your family will receive a gorgeous piece of art by a trained artist, prints to proudly share with friends and family, as well as the connection that this is the art on the urn itself.

Schedule a Creative Call so we can find the most heartfelt way to give your important person the best goodbye.

Starting at  $2530

"Paula focused on the tribute to my father, that he so deserved.  Her artistic skills created a lasting treasure of his life.   She gave his passing the honor and distinction for the man he was, and wanted to be remembered as.  My father was a unique individual and I would have been saddened to lay him to rest in a cookie cutter box.   Thank you, thank you, thank you"
- Janet G.
We Would Be Honored

We're in this because we value our people's stories. We want your story to carry on. There are people in our lives who are beacons, they shine and inspire the rest of us to do our best, live our best, live our real lives wholeheartedly with color and soul.

We love doing work that is meaningful, for people who care.

We would be honored to create a piece of art for you that helps you remember the joys and passions, quirks and achievements, of someone who has brought color into your life.

- Love,

Paula, and the other artists of DGB


Having art you love in your space is uplifting to the heart and soul.  If you want to truly go out with a memorable bang, commission your box with Paula before you go.

- Dr. Marny T.

Art Canvas Urn

A natural wood urn wrapped in the Fine Art Print of your choice to embrace your loved one with art that honors their colorful life.

Discounts on Fine Art Prints

Discounts on future Fine Art Print purchases so that  you can share this moment of memory with others who knew and cherished your person. (Discounts valid for 90 days)

Custom text

Complimentary text on prints so you can add a personal saying, poem, or prayer. 

Free Creative Session

to brainstorm the best ways to give your person a true send-off.

Free Shipping

Free shipping within the US, so that you can get free shipping.

BYO Artwork

Option to BYO family artwork* to strengthen the bonds of family stories and connection.

Fine Art Prints

Complimentary Fine Art Print ... Archival giclee print so that your family has an heirloom that shares your loved one’s light and soul with friends and family for years to come.

Urn Upgrade

Free upgrade to an Aspen or Aromatic Cedar urn, made in the US, locally sourced timber, 10 trees planted for every urn, so that you can support buying local and eco-friendly practices.

Original Art Canvas

Original Canvas by a Local Artist to create a moment of memory for you that truly represents & reflects their vibrancy and passion.

Art Urn


Art Urn +


Art Urn ++


1 print

2 prints

* high-resolution digital image needed (we can help), no copyright infringement.

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