Breaking down the process:

































  • Together we figure out what the coolest thing would be for your box. 

  • Half day or so design time

  • A day of prep and layout 

  • The painting - usually about a week, more if you’re going super-arty

  • Clearcoats (3)

  • An extra week of just sitting there (believe it or not) so that the paint is properly cured for handling. You know that thing where you sit a vase on a windowsill that was just painted yesterday, then you go to move it in a couple of days and it has sorta-stuck in place or leaves an indented ring on the surface where the vase sat? That. We like to avoid that. Hence the cure time.

  • Shipping: 7-10 days. 

Which adds up to about a month, if you know what you want right now.