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Welcome to the volt.

Previous canvas artwork.


My first round of paintings were of power poles, due to childhood overexposure to the national grid, I think.  My father was an electrical engineer: family holidays would often be in strange remote places with substations that needed help, or new dams being built.  He proposed to Mum on Mount Victoria, overlooking Wellington at dusk as the streetlights came on.

Power Poles

Geek romance.


Our dining room table had blueprints for dam sites or fault systems on it half the time, and we could never drive past a substation without its volt conversion being noted.  Besides which - power poles are cool.  They are another species of urban tree, and deserve a bit of admiring for the interesting ways they grow.

Albany Park
On the way to Columbia
Hankey Street
Bridal Falls: Raglan
Onepu Road
On Our Way Raglan

The other trees of our landscapes.

We hardly even notice them most of the time, yet they are a decided rhythm to the world we are familiar with.  Power poles are probably a species on the verge of extinction, and not the first thing you'd think of to make-pretty with.  But once you start looking at them, they get fairly addictive, and then there is all that deep meaningful stuff about connections, communication, change. Lots of good metaphors, let alone that they are actual lines of power. And they look kinda cool.

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