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Coloring Pages

Ready to map out some of your ideas? Download our Coloring Page PDFs to experiment with different layouts and colors.

Window-seat casket, flat


Window seat (2 views)

Urn (2 views)

  • The "window-seat casket, flat" page has a coloring page of the casket from a top-down opened box view. You can color it in, cut it out to make a 3D box, or just fold along the 45° angles to see how your finished design will look in 3D (while still being able to file a nice flat piece of nice flat paper). I like this one best for working out my designs.

  • The "Window seat (2 views)" page has, funnily enough, 2 views to color in. One is the same box shape, smaller, and the other is a 3D view, so you can visualize your design in that way if that suits you better.

  • The "Coffin" page is another box-out-flat coloring page, but you'll have to do the cutting & joining to see this one 3D.

  • The "Urn" page is another 2-viewer, box-style, and 3D view.

Best wishes with your design adventures! Give me a call if you'd like to throw around some ideas, or get a hand with your design.  - Paula

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