Happy Bubbles Art Canvas Urn

Happy Bubbles Art Canvas Urn


Painted in the mood of "What the heck - I'll just paint what makes me HAPPY." Big brushtrokes and colors I enjoy. Which may seem at odds with an urn, but I want to remember my people in happiness. The goofy moments, and like this painting, the moment just before you laugh. When the feeling bubbles up inside you, just under your lungs. That moment before the laughter (and possibly one of those embarrassing snort things) breaks loose and all that bubbling energy roils around inside and lights you up. The people we love light us up.


Prints  & customization available.

Artist: Paula Clayton

Upgrade to a USA-made urn, 10 trees planted/urn
Funeral Directors

Dead Gorgeous Box designs and creates custom artistic urns and caskets in Chicago. We primarily sell to funeral directors.


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