Eco Paisley

Eco Paisley

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Plain pine box, minimal hardware (that will decay at the same rate as the wood), painted with - get this - beer and earth pigment. Sealed with shellac. No plastics involved. Plain but not simple.We can do custom work in this style, too. Imagine a cowgirl silhouette, sepia-toned, old-style movie scene. Or a tree-of-life. Other colors available, but they’re all very earthy and muted. Sage green, ochre yellow, brick red, many browns, a mid-cobalt blue, white, black.


Take yourself back to the Earth without any plastic. Simple pine box, beautiful paisley rocking the wood burning look... but it's painted with earth pigments and beer.


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Dead Gorgeous Box designs and creates custom artistic urns and caskets in Chicago. We primarily sell to funeral directors.


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