Give Paula a call to throw around ideas. Once we've got an idea of some options she can do a rough draft and show you what your design would look like.


For example, the blue windowseat with the mermaids is a sample of a mural done on silver holographic foil. We Photoshopped it onto a window-seat casket sketch to get an idea of how that design would look on that type of casket.


You can have your design painted directly onto the casket, or as an art canvas wrap going around the sides, with the lids finished pine. Direct painting will take about a month from design to delivery, art canvas will be ready sooner (around a week - depending on your level of detail).


Direct painting starts: $5995.00

Art canvas starts: $3995.00


We're happy to set your Dead Gorgeous Box up either as a casket immediately (handles, cotton bedding all installed) or with a removable support bar for use as a window seat now and casket in the far future (handles, bedding and easy installation instructions included).


Free shipping within Chicago area (see zone)




Customize Your Window-Seat Casket

SKU: 0004
  • You really can do it your way. 

    Whether you want a window seat to beautifully hide your preparations, or an impressive full-blown casket, we can do it to your specifications and taste.

  • Please see our 'terms' page for other helpful information:

Funeral Directors

Dead Gorgeous Box designs and creates custom hand-painted  caskets and urns in Chicago. We primarily sell to funeral directors.


Please call for wholesale pricelist.

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