Honey Damask Art Canvas Urn

Honey Damask Art Canvas Urn


Imagine sunlight through a honey pot split into a wash of deep golden hues. Breaking from the traditional symmetrical leafy damask pattern, this urn represents a sweet classic personality that didn’t always play by the rules, even though they might appear to. Wily and determined beneath that graceful exterior.


My Aunty June was a wonderful warm person, full of life, I always remember her smiling and laughing. She had a crazy collection of pressed flowers and would send us cards made with her pressed flowers on every occasion. Some ‘standard’ appearances, but with the inclination and ability to do things her own darn way. Not always in line, not always symmetrical.


The inviting warm ochre color evokes the sense of a hug with your special person and the depth of their complexity lives on in a pattern that is uniquely vivacious and flowing.


Artist: Paula Clayton, Chicago