Why be tidied up into a box of averageness when you've had a rich and colorful life?

We would love to help you go out in your own darn style!

DeadGorgeousBox.jpg Artist hand-painted caskets and urns in Chicago and beyond. Limited editions available for immediate purchase, happy to work with you for custom designs.
Paula Clayton: Owner, Artist
We create beautiful customized urns, caskets, and coffins, to celebrate and honor wonderful people.

Experienced professional artists help design and create an artistic story to show how you and yours bring color into the world.


Express your joy and pride in those you cherish.


Because both our clients and staff appreciate eco-safe environments and products.

Chicago and beyond

Free delivery of caskets and coffins within Chicago area (40 mile radius).   (*map)

Art Canvas Urns*

You've lived your whole life outside the box -

don't let them paint you as boring for your last act.

Choose an urn design from our library, customize your design with text, or commission an original art piece on canvas and urn the way you want it. If you could say goodbye exactly how you wanted to - what would that look like?

*Patent Pending


A natural wood urn wrapped in the Fine Art Print of your choice to embrace your loved one with art that honors their colorful life and speaks to the value of their connections and memory.


Make the art even more personal, customize images from our library

with your own text

BYO family artworkoption to bring your family stories and connections closer.

* high-resolution digital image needed, (we can help), no copyright infringement.

Artistic urn, prints, and the Original Artwork so that you can claim your non-standard person with respect and pride and art and color that truly represents the broad spectrum of their life.

Tom Owens left a legacy of heart and hope. He created Cara, a nonprofit organization that works to really help people get back on their feet and away from homelessness and poverty.    (donate to Cara here)
His family loved that our painting captured him clapping out of time, (as usual) and he's right there with the transformation he brought to hundreds of people in Chicago.
Create art with us​

You don't want a casket or urn, but you still want a way to honor and remember your person with art? Work with us to create a piece of Original Art on canvas that captures the light and soul of your person. That truly represents their vibrancy and passion.

What would you have, to remember them by, if you could have anything you wanted?

What images, colors and family stories would speak of their life, their values, what you loved about them, the quirks that drove you up the wall but now bring a smile to your face? How you are proud of them, what they built, the impact they had on the world?

We can then take photographs to make a high resolution image for printing, which can be customized with text so that you can share your memory with friends and family, in addition to having the original work itself.

Caskets & One-Of-A-Kind

If you were at the Red Hat Society's International Convention in August 2019 you'd have seen us amidst the sparkles and bling, offering our "Live Life Well" temporary tattoos as well as casket and urn coloring pages.

That was our big kick-off. We had 4 designs of casket art to show, the Firebird casket and nine urns with us there for good show-and-tell (and photo op silliness). All painted directly onto the boxes.


We had great fun, met some new friends, did a little line dancing, and started a few good conversations around a subject that people mostly avoid: death.

As Gail Rubins says: "Talking about sex won't get you pregnant, and talking about funerals won't make you dead!"

"That's the smartest thing I've seen in this whole show!"

- Convention Attendee

(yelled out in passing)

Since then we've been figuring out ways to bring you the power of personalization at an even better price point, with faster turnaround times and more art to choose from. And yes we still want you to be able to completely customize, because that's what we really love doing: bringing your real story to your last goodbye with art and love.

You can see some of our original designs, and others that we were working on while we figured out how to do the Art Canvas caskets and urns, they're available for immediate delivery, and HALF PRICE, below.

If you'd like to take advantage of our stock-clearing, please click below.

You'll find traditional full-size domed-lidded caskets taking a tangent away from 'traditional', keepsake urns with an inner shelf so that you can keep mementos (a watch, some photos), as well as our innovative window-seat casket design. The stealth casket... order way ahead of need, and sneakily store it in plain sight while using it as a window seat and blanket storage for years. 

Give us a call if you would like to order a custom directly-painted casket or keepsake urn.

Artistic hand painted urn with Firebird, Russian folklore
This is so cool!

We were inspired by this video, made in New Zealand. Rebelliousness. Humor. Happy pride.

"Because, face it, a funeral's got to have soul!"

Dead Gorgeous Box designs and creates custom artistic urns and caskets in Chicago. We primarily sell to funeral directors.


Please contact us (form below) to find out how we can work with you.